Wednesday, 24 December 2008


rest time?
such a no no.
it's party time. spending time and faffing time.

so it'll be praise jam, weddings, weddings, family get togethers, friend get togethers and the likes.
phone calls, text messages, cards, i hope for gifts. stuff and stuff.

heres to a wonderful season and blastful 2009.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Silver Jubilee

Today marks the 25th anniversary of my dad's passing.

How do i feel?
i have so many feelings running through me. Since last year i've been thinking about this day.
25 years no be joke o!
Some people don't live that long.
Some friendships don't last that long.
Heck! Some marriages don't last that long.

From my dad's pictures he was a fine man. No sentiments attached. He was fine. Tall. Jovial. Fun-loving, extroverted. and an Engineer. meaning brilliant. Well maybe a bit naive.

Spoke to my Godmother about a month ago and she gisted me about him. how he use to take care of my mum, buy her stuff, take her out with my sis in tow then yap her small sef cuz she no too get hair for head.
i got hair mind you. Got it from my dad :-)

Basically all those close to him and my mum say he was a good guy. i was so happy to hear that. I can't remember anything about him. Thank God he's not like his big bro and sister. i leave them to God.

i SO SO wish i knew him. I’m sure we'd have been pals.
My sister and i use to argue that we looked like him more than the other and not my mum. i guess i ended up looking like my mum.My bro is the one with all the fine features. he got the height 6.2, long-straight-no-yams-legs, good skin. Flat belly. drat! I’m jealous!

i thank God we were able to still stay together and love each other. we are a strong family. mum REALLY tried cuz to be both a mother and FATHER figure to her children was tough.

i wish i had danced with him. wish i could dance with him. Luther Vandross captured it well.

heres to you daddy. (kinda feels strange saying it).

Thanks for watching over us. hope u in heaven.

God bless us, everyone.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Swearing-in party for our son, B. Obama at out family house in Washington

Aso Oke+Ankara = N6,500
Fila only = N2,500

S. Obama for the family

Monday, 3 November 2008


i have found a new love...
wait for it...

Denny Crane. Denny Crane.
Now that's a man after my heart.
i love his sense of humour.
The guy is Wako. But… brutally honest.
i mean he told a Judge that he was a moron! to his face! in open court!
Now that can only happen on TV. In America.
he leaves me in STITCHES.
my mum wonders what's so funny.
Actually started watching it sometime last year but got distracted. glad i no finish am

Then there is Alan Shore.
birds of the same feather. they get along real good and have very intellectual convos. deep.
can't wait to get home.
at least 2 episodes before i hit the sac.

kinda suffereing from amnesia these day. started during my illness this past weeks.
i get nervos when it's sleeping time. cant close my eyes and breath properly. need to tire myself out.
i nod off about 11:30pm and i'm coming through b4 2-3am then i'm up b4 5am again.
when it gets to that time of the morning i'm glad. very glad.
don't want to get hooked on any drugs cuz last week i was on Ibuprofen, Vultarin, Piritin and then valium.

totally hate Project Fame. it's a downer for me big time.

time to go home now. face the traffic. good thing i got company.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Better Now


sure feels goooood to be well again.
was ill for a whole week. the most God awful feelings went through my system.
then i could not sit still, sleep, function...aaaaaaaahhhh it was a disturbia time for me.

i felt the walls closing in on me. i could not breath, think, sit still, be productive. was just a nervous reck. twiddling my tumbs and looking menacingly at the ceiling.

all in all, glad to be back on my feet and productive too. no more crazy for me.


Thursday, 23 October 2008

10 things Not to SAy On a First Date

First dates are stressful, period.

You don't want to lie or stretch the truth per se, but you also don't want to send your date running off to hail a cab before you've even ordered the cheese plate. Basically, the goals of a successful first date are to reveal that adorable, endearing part of yourself, learn more about the stranger sitting across from you, and to see if there is any connection between you two crazy kids.

Obviously, it's important to be honest, but some of the more intimate parts of you are well, sorta personal, and no one's forcing you to spill all the beans. (Besides, everybody is intrigued by a little mystery and you want to save something for the second and third dates, right?) We don't really believe there are any hard and fast rules when it comes to dating, and despite what movies would have you think, there is no such thing as the "perfect date," so take these with a grain of salt.

1. "My ex is crazy."There's a fine line between love and hate, but both are equally fueled by passion. If someone even mentions their ex on a first date, watch out, you could be entering into a three-way relationship. Brace yourself: drama ahead! Anyway, if you're not over your ex, keep it to yourself. Your date certainly doesn't want to hear about it.

2. "I would like to get married and have kids asap."Slow. That. Roll. Whether you're a man or a woman, uttering those words automatically puts pressure on an already delicate, stressful meeting, not to mention the fact that it's a foolproof way to scare someone off and fast.

3. "Who are you voting for?"There's a saying in the south about not bringing up politics or religion in polite company. Plenty of couples don't always share political (or religious) views, and learn to make things work. But when you're trying to make a good first impression, it's probably best to avoid overly emotional topics in order to avoid a sparring match. (Look at it this way, if you become a couple, you'll have plenty of opportunities to fight later!)

4. "Can you pay the check? I'm broke."Hey, the economy is in the toilet. Of course you're broke. We're all broke. But common courtesy dictates that the person who did the date asking offer to pay the bill. Chances are, if your date has good manners, they'll over to split it or pay the tip. Let's face it, gone are the days where the guy automatically must pay for dinner or he's a loser. But no matter what the circumstances are, flat out asking your date to pay the bill is a major turn-off.

5. "What's your favorite TV show?"C'mon, we can do better than that. Asking about hobbies and other interests can lead to great conversation, but the last message you want to convey is that your favorite activity is watching the tube with a tub of ice cream. Save talking about "America's Next Top Model" for the work water cooler or something.

6. "Where did you go to school?"Believe it or not, many people didn't go to college, and totally resent being put on the spot with this tired old question. And while plenty of grads are happy to wax on and on about their "glory years" or whatever, it's probably better to ask something like, "Have you always lived here?" "How did you choose your career?" or another more general question that might lead you to discussing educational background. Again, it may seem strange, but for all kinds of reasons, a lot of people have negative knee-jerk reactions to this seemingly innocuous question.

7. "Can I take your picture?"Creepy much? But yeah, I have girlfriends who've been waylaid by this gem. For real. Maybe it's the thought of him showing his buddies your photo and bragging about bagging you, or even the image of him fawning over your pic tacked up on one of those cray-cray serial killer wall collages. Either way, ick.

8. "I'm poly-(fill in the blank)"There are folks who are polyamorous (def: the desire, practice, or acceptance of having more than one loving, intimate relationship at a time with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved); polygamist (def: the practice of marriage to more than one spouse simultaneously); and yes, some are even polyester salesmen (def: dudes who peddle chintzy wares). Right then. Unless you met that person on a "special" site devoted to that kind of stuff, chances are your date won't appreciate your um, open-minded ways.

9. "So I just got out of rehab."So maybe you have some personal problems you've been working on. Perhaps you've been in therapy since you were 13 years old. Whatever the case may be, it's probably best not to introduce your new romantic interest to your BIG, SCARY ISSUES, at least not yet. Everybody has problems big and small, but the first date is more about showing off your personality, not painting yourself as a psychotic addict (even if you are, just a smidge). Note: If you are seriously in the midst of a personal crisis, and that includes excessive drug use and/or major psychological treatment, not to be all judgey, but you probably shouldn't be on a date right now.

10. "So ya wanna come back to my place?"Not everyone is old-fashioned about first dates. The right time to sleep with someone is up to you, but numerous informal polls, um, around the office show that when a guy propositions a woman for sex on the first date, she tends to get skeeved, and when a girl does the same, many dudes are likely to file her in the one night stand category. Double standard? Sure. And yes, some couples do have sex on the first date and there is nothing wrong with that. But I think you know what I'm sayin'...

Monday, 20 October 2008

Employee Review

My Employee Review interview is tomorrow, Tuesday, 21 Oct 2008.

i'm nervous!

this will determine wether you stay, be invested in, salary increased, put on probation or adviced to withdraw.

i really need a fantastic raise.

got to keep filling my forms. i hate filling forms.
oh! i am meant to say postive stuff about stuff i hate doing. ok here goes...
i llllloooooooovvvvvveeeeee filling forms :-)

keep fingers crossed for me and wish me luck.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

i feel strange today.

just before i go any further... a short paryer.

Lord, let today go well. it si only right to put the days' activities in your hands. guide me (us) right cuz quite frankly, i do not like the way i am feeling.

stomach is quizzy and for me that is strange.


spent the night at my male bestfriend's place yesterday. he'll be leaving for warri today so we wanted to catch up on what's new in our live. not like we do not know already. it's just comforting to talk face to face and express yourself in the physical.

he is getting married to my female bestfriend. ain't that sweeeeeeeeeeeet. life IS interesting.

they both have, kinda, the same friends cuz we all grew up in the same town. the same asoebi is going to be worn by all friends from both sides so as not put anyone in a dilemma as to which side to belong to.

all in all we are trying to help as much as we can.


spoke to koffi yesterday and mehn! the price hi o!!!

so we negotiated. i used all my resources and connections to bring the price down but no way.

i used - my friend is your friend. NO, no friend in biz.

i used - we graduated from the same school. NO, if he goes back to scholl for masters they will still charge his behind. well... true.

i used - we don't have that much. OK, i'll take of a couple 10ks.

fine by me guy.

we'll get back to him.


still looking for one.

there was one that performed at a friends wedding. very nice. i could not tell the difference from the DJ. the couple danced in to "stepping out" trying to get their contact.

sugar band. them are HIGH. me sef go form band o!

approximately over 100k for about 1hr. WAT!

na to carry all my friends start to sing o!

but the day must be perfect.

perfectly make someone esle richer.

that's the way of the world.

can't wait. it's going to be a blast! a party! a rave!

we no go send all the mamas and papas.

it'll be good to see everyone again.

here's asking for God's protection and provision towards a successful wedding and life

i love you guys.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Just Ranting

i'm feeling really pissed at the moment.

chatting with my girl FA in Jand and she is yarning things like when you meet someone you just know and all the bla bla.

know what? i don't bloody think so.

fine! you guys talk. you meet. or. you meet. you talk. you go out a couple of times then what?
no one what's to discover the personality, the person, the friend and wonderful human being one is in his own way.
i hate that.
i give people the oppotunity to express themselves even in the craziest way but i'm never given that chance. i do a little "crazy" thing and hey "she crazy!!!".
KINI SE? aaaahhhhhhrggggg! whatever!

some people can just be dufuses. if the word exists.

just lost my train of though cuz i left the page to do something WORK RELATED and now I HAVE COOLED DOWN.

why can't i stay mad for long like other people???

i'm just sweet :-)

right now i'm feeling like the song "Paper Planes" by MIA
it makes me feel light headed.

'nyways, check it out on youtube. don't know how to link it so...

still kinda pissed

Thursday, 2 October 2008

!!!tihs <---

please, can anyone tell me how to tell ones boss to shut the @%*# up!? very politely. without getting fired. :-)

no be me wan know o! na my friend.

but the information could still be useful ;-0

Friday, 26 September 2008

9ja for life

what can be said about this new telecoms network's campaign to win over the hearts and patronage of the Nigerian market?

a lot my people.

let us start from the beginning...

the suspense and intrigue the first billboard created was definitely something to look forward to. green lips. zipped up. hmmmm

then on TV she finally laughs and tell us she can now speak. hmmmm...

now, the TV ad had Banky W (dude, i am capable of plenty) and Kafi doing their thing. we aint never had it this entertaining in a while.

the one over the radio nko? it's a jam on it own. already the lyrics are being sung by everyone around. my colleges 2 year old daughter is jaming to the song. she waits for the part with kafi and tries to the dance. she must look cute doing that.

i tell you clubs and people will soon be partying to the AM and throwing their hand in the ayer.

Visa phone no even try compared to this. publicity no make. it did not capture, talk less of holding, the thoughts of the consumer.

somehow i still think it's a bit too much really. etisalat.
it's a good thing, i'm sure, that they gave the agent the space to do what they do best and to go wild.

i believe the advertising agency is going to be much more interesting now that the game has been stepped up.

congrats to the agency that did pull this revolutionary we can watch TV commercials instead of flipping channels.

ok. publicity is all go go turbo engines. but they must deliver on service. afordable tariff, fantastic network service, freebies once in a while and anything new they can come up with.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Bad Habits

i NEED to drop some bad habits really. meaning people.
pronounced "pee-o-po-le"

they aint doin' nothin' for me.

i'll call it "THE PURGE".
a lot of phone numbers are going to have to create space for more useful phone numbers.
some people are just going to have to gittt... from my life.
to much garbage.

thing is i give people too much of my time for them to give me ish and behave like nishters.
so... see ya!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

In Memory of...

just received news that a classmate in UNI just past away.

i'm seriuosly trying to understand. i do sha...

Ochamps is gone.

we were not close chum chum people but we always had good conversations.

soft spoken guy with a chipped front tooth.

not loud or rascally.

thing is it is when someone dies people tend to remember only the good sides.

expressions like ohhhhhh and aeya and wat a shame and all that are like the first words and sounds from mouths.

it's at times like this that one should remember the mortality of man. me. us. we. them. everyone.
thing is we forget after a week or less.


there was a time in my life that i'd hear someone past on and i'd just be like ok. not the first definately not the last. i was kinda indifferent. then i, meaning my wall, started to break down. little by little.

a family friend died when i was in SS2. he was very kind to my family.
when i was 10 years old or less my mum had a car accident which was near fatal. the car found itself in a bbiiigg gutter and was skidding inside. she had just filled the tank with fuel and sparks were flying everywhere. the car caught fire with super mum still inside. thankfully she got out.

so, super mum looses her baby car, a beautiful honda accord my dad bought her before he left the surface of the earth.

this man had been mi mums friend for some years after she joined the force. he was always there for us. when i was the hopspital on admission after an opertation he would bring ther to see me. after my stay in the hospital he would take me for check up. all the way Igbobi o!
he was the first to explain the 3rd mainland bridge to me. it being the longest bridge and all. took on a ride to show me.

his wife and kids were close to us. my padi's.

he died and it REALLLLLLLYYY hurt. i wept so hard it hurt my insides.
i think i started feeling then.

we all have stories of loved ones lost. memories.

this is to Ochamps whereever you are. you will be missed.

may departed souls rest in peace.


Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

Who are the people in MY neighbourHOOD???

i ask this everyday and time i get to my area.

you see, i am neighbours with all kinds of people and institutions.

on my street/close, just before you really see my street u see a trailer park, then a mosque and the usual call center stands and food stands and malam (can't do without them malams now can we).

then you get to my street (which is untarred and floods real bad during the raining season) and first thing you see a primary school, then photo shop, then barbing salon, then secondary school, then trado medical hospital then charcola seller, then agege bread bakery, then church and then a water facility. you are almost at my place.

going past my yard you still get to a creche/nursery school then finally a health center.

did i miss anything? don't think so.

everything you need is there.

gosh, i need to leave.

when we just moved there in 2003, it took close to 2 years to get to the end of my street. Other folks would be wondering who are these people? we are never seen on the street except when driving out or strolling out. sure they thought us snobs. well... not really. They just don't motivate me to make any friends at all.

fear con catch me sey these people fit harass me one day o! because so many times they call out and ay all those "hey fine girl" "what's up" or "hello can i know you". i just bone and find my square root.

once a guy followed my sister all the way to the front of the gate and this was at night on her way back from work. she was some worth scared because it was at night. he asked for her number and she gave him her starcomms not the GSM. the way she rang the bell and banged on the gate we thought she was being chased. well... sortta.

so, look around you. who are those around you? can they affect you positively? can they help move you forward?

depends on how u look at sha. you look round at the environment you growing up in and if not satisfied this should help u inspire and aspire to acquire so much more above the level you are presently.

oh, some of una dey Jandy, Yankee, Aberdeen etc, sorry o! my bad. though that should not stop you from owning the world.

beat your chest, flare your nostrils and raise your face to the heaves shouting to the heaven "i can make it, i can do it"."i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
i have to be somebody. make my mama proud and shame my dad's people.

slowly and steadily, the snail got the Ark.

Lord you are more than my eyes can see

Ron kenoly

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Hitting Za Clubz

Wow! It was a bumper weekend for me. From Friday almost all the way to Sunday. If not for the fact that i broke down from aches and pains in areas i did not even know i had, bursting at the seams would not compare.

Clubbing has really changed over the years. The kids are getting younger and the cloths have totally disappeared. It’s almost distasteful. It is distasteful. i mean there was a particular girly, who should still have pigtails who wore, who wore, who wore something like cloths. There is a new rave in clothing were the whole of your back shows. No be halter neck top. From the neck to below the waist band is bare. She then adds insult to injury by putting on a pair of pants that a five year old should wear; the thing could not contain her saggy behind. Everything was hanging out or rather purring out of its container. You could see exactly were the good Lord split her. Not nice. Not nice at all.

Then there was another chicala who had all her tits all over the place. Wiggle here, wiggle there, and wiggle everywhere. Well her escort was "digging" it massively. Obviously he was in boob heaven.

Well, i danced and danced. commot shoe sef. My partner wan fight another guy wey try enter e front. Everybody calm down. Hail Rugeddy Baba. Continue dance. Reach house 5am. commot again 6:30am for wedding. Na God help me sey i no draw and paint masquerade. Wedding went well had some fun. commot from there go Ikeja for Bday party. this one really finished me. The traffic was horrific. Over 2hrs on Ikorodu road. My yams pulled a muscle. My car is manual so u can imagine. It was awful. Got to the party and had to change cloths in the car to blend in. chop, drink, socialize, rest leg, shake body small then commot again to gooooooooo house. This time no traffic.
Got home and swallowed vultarin pain tablets. Yes, it was that bad. Knocked the sugar out of me. At least i slept well.

Sunday, went to church with bus, could not phantom driving again cuz i still hurt all over. got back hit the sack again till 7pm. wow. all i could tell me ma was "the traffic was tooooooo bad. Clutch break clutch break" she understood. I no talk sey na dance start am o.

Bottom line i had fun with my friends. It’s always so cool and fun when clubbing with friends. You just blow up and have more laughs. more memories to add with the hopes of adding new ones.

Hey J, Osin, ID, Tunde, Seun, Tope, Ray and some two dudes like that. Had massive fun. Let’s do it again, soon.

Thursday, 12 June 2008


Here are some great ways of dealing with the burdens of life:

* Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.

* Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.

* Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

* Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.

* If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

* If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

* It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply being kind to others.

* Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on.

* Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

* Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.

* The second mouse gets the cheese.
* When everything's coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.

* Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

* You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.

* Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

* We could learn a lot from crayons... Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names, and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.

*A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour. Have an awesome day and know that someone has thought about you today… I did.


Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Sex, Finance and communication

Which is more important to you???

How would you arrange these variables in order of importance???

I had a friend in Yaba Tech during my ND days who started dating a guy. good looking guy sha.

How did the relationship start?

It started with sex and ended with sex the very last day she saw him.

That was that.

My cousin is married to a handsome man and they have 2 cute children.

She came to Lagos for an occasion and we got talking about relationships and core stuff.

Finance was on her mind. It is toooooooooo important. You’ve got to pay bills. Don't get me wrong she absolutely loves her hubby to pieces.

Now, we young ones, chics, not so spring chicken sha, and the cocks (pardon moi), seem to have a lot mixed up. The mixture consists more of sex.

Wande Coal asks "what you want to do to me". He also pressed that he would like something legal but all the girls want to do is have sex with him. he tries to resist but he can only be a man.

i don't know about you but this is what i want.

Communication, sex then finance.
i want to be able to talk with my partner about every and anything. The essence of being in a relationship right. Then i would love to have mind blowing sexual intercourse all the time. It’s not like cash should not be there to take care our needs o! even to some luxuries o! But i do know my man would be hard working and have prospects. For sure i would believe in him all the way and give my support 180% (by God's grace).
The others that one must have in a relationship are tolerance, understanding, patience, commitment, Love, respect and above all God.

do leave your comments and arrange in your order of preference.

Friday, 2 May 2008


just got confirmed.
yeepppeeee i guess.
the compensation n salary increase was just 10"freaking"%. i think. ok fine.

well the appraisal interview went really well and now we mark a milestone.
was told i was the best. (Hmmmmmmmm!) i see that as a ploy.
such that they told everyone of us the same thing to spur competition.
hey, no qualms. all na strategy.

now they ask for goals and targets. shit. i hate things like that. this system is new to me. we go do am sha any which way.

saw a pair of eyes i really do like.
what else? what else?

almost had a fight with a dear friend. said i should not pray for her if the only time i remember her is when i remember pregnant people.
she is pregnant. she tells me this.
what a load of croc shit. still love her though she being someworth distant and all.

i send someone who no too send me.
the people you like are the ones who dont send you and vise verser.

if u haven't noticed by now with all typed sey these words aint going nowhere then saddly u nuts. confirmed.

God help us to meet targets

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Strange Helper

learnt another valuable lesson today Saturday 12th April, 2008

well i have always kinda known this before.

today on my way to work at about 7:45am, i had just decended from the tincan island bridge when the car dies. yes! quench. the car quenched right in the middle of the highway and "born to be wild" on the radio.

so i navigate to the right of the road to park properly and check out the situation. i turn the key and nothing. even the light on the dash board dont come on.

i think to myself "must be the battery" cuz super mum used the battery the day before to power her motor "the car".

i take out the plier open the bunet and i start hitting the battery and smiling to myself,"yea, u think u can do me?" but pple, it was not the battery.

then outta nowhere, two fellas come towards me. they look like road side touts. my heart cut small but i regained my composure. make them no know sey i shake.

they asked what happened n i told them. they had a look n i was looking at them cuz they could have played a fast one on me by disconnecting something or worse.

they helped me push the car further off the road for safety sake n i settled them with N200.00. one said it was not enough n i showed them by bag. truth is that i did not even have up to N600.00 on me cuz i had just bought my "humble" N1k fuel. na borrow i even borrow the money from super mum.

i'm standing by the side of the road waiting for the mechanic called to deal with the emergency and we start gisting. myself and the agbero looking guy. his name is abe by the way.

we talked n talked. best convo i've had in a long long time i tell you.

we talked about being strong and resilient. toughning up when u have to. sucking it in when it hurts so bad.

i felt safe, comfy and it gave a chance to observe and draw a conclusion.

those you expect to help hardly or never do come through and then those that u list expect do come through remarkably.

i just thank God for putting me there at that time cuz it could have been worse. extortion, vandalization and the likes.

Monday, 7 April 2008


there is something i do everytime i stand in front of the mirror in my room.

i dance.

i shake my booty, i shake my booty.
with no cloths on. now that feels soooo good.

for me it's a means of release.
in front of a mirror doing your thing, for your mind you go be one "hot stepper, murder". hotter than Beyonce.
to you you've got all the moves right and feel as sexy as hell. u could even create one that'll put shakira's moves in the dark ages.

then i start to reminisce about back in the days when i could dance for over 5 hours and still ace my test and exam.

in school we'd attend pre-exam raves, mid-exam raves and post-exam raves.
thank God sey i graduate at the right time. if not na there yawa for blow.

i like clubbing, hanging with my crew in the crowd. parties were major blasts. anywhere anytime.
can't remember the last time i "rocked". wonder if i can still do that.

as i was jiggling my all in fornt of my ever faithful and present fan, "mirror dearest", on 3 inch heals, the kind muscle pull wey hold me ehn, shame catch me.
my waist nko? only it can tell the story.

i guess i'm outta shape. i need to get out more. there was a time i'd be invited to a party because i knew had to do all the steps. i'd even get hailed sef. crowd chantting "go girl, go girl" and that'll just spur you on. think about that now makes me feel a littl' bi' embarrassed.

yes! i remember another one.
when in junior class, JSS 3 to be exact, i was the quiet type but rolled with some pretty "happening people". it was the time of shaka demus and plier "tease me"," murder she wrote" and the rest. you could drum out the beat on the desk. girls were in fornt of the class showing what they got with the dance step. i dont know what moved me. i got up in fornt and gave it to them. everything aspect of the dance all the was to the floor. flexing and shit.
i'd totally forgotten it all that until one day in SS3 form nowhere BAM! the memory hit me. nothing triggered it it just hit me. i felt embarrassed but in a funny way. i just kept giggling to myself.

well that was then. this is now and i can still rock a party any day mate.
come test me now.

that's that on that.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I'm bored outta my mind
i hate it when i get like this. All kinds of things start swimming in my head. unfair i tell you. unfair!

i'm faced with a decision.
to marry or not to marry?
do i luv him enough to go through with it?
is church really my exuse or is it just a pretext?
or do i want to luv another and dont want to acknowledge it.
he says he luvs me.
gosh gosh gosh.

truth is i feel smthing is holding me back. what it is i dont know.
we've been together for ...(counting fingers...)
yes! April will make it 6 months and i still feel strongly that i do not know him enough.
but he luvs me. isn't that want counts?
my eyes are still wondering.

my friends want me married off. guys who liked-luved me. is it to get the guilt of their chests or to make themselves feel better?
they should leave me jo/.

what'll it be? damn! i dont fcuking know for the life of me.

he says he luvs me. does not see me as his girlfriend but as his wife.
wooooww! major.

why cant i just bloody commit. what is this shit anyways.
(fingers going through hair)
now (hands going over face)
i feel frust.

husband scarce. true luv even scarcer.

i have always wanted to be with someone who i will be sooooo truely maddly deeply crazy about too.
i feel very cool. calm.
i need to focus on him.
hard dont know why.
me think me will go to the beach n do some major thinking. hope i dont sleep off sha o.

i need to make a choice. time is running out.

time is running out...
time is running out...
time is running out...
time is running out...
my fingers are just doing that. it's not my fault.

time to hit the BRT.

Thursday, 6 March 2008


i love James Blunt's 1973

just so cool.

try listening to it. you'll grow to love it too.

here is a bit of it.


u are getting older
your journeys been etched on your skin
wish i had known that
what seemed so strong
has been now gone

"i would call you up every saturday night
and we'd both stay out
till the morning light
and we sang
here we go again
and the time goes by
i will always be
in a club with you
in 1973
singing here we go again"

listen tothe rest.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

i was meant to have posted this yesterday but the internet was down and the day was plain crazy.

yesterday was "Super Mum's" brithday.
we wouldn't ever ask for anyone else to be our mum
your strength and belief in God is outstanding
your love for your children leaves people in awe

may the Lord grant you many more years in His mercy and grace
for you to see see your children prosper
for it is said the those who sowed in tears shall reap with joy

words are not enough to express how we feel but please accept these few word from the bottom of our hearts.

thank you for everything.
we love you now and always.

na we we, your pikins
i, on behalf of the pikins

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Nothing to say

i have a lot to say but dont know how...
it's all in my head but blocked out by some shhh.. i'm not sure of.
maybe i just cant put words together to save my soul

we were given a project in the office. a write up to be given as a presentation.
i knew even before i started that it'll suck and be the worst of 'em all.
but ey, i was told i had other impressive and strong skills in IT.
ok, so, now, aw do i improve on my writing and presentation skills and the whole capture-attention-and-deliver-the-core message thingy?

dont know right now.
in the past it was easy but here u got to up your in blow it up.


in primary 1 i hated english language n mathematics.
i remeber this so well. Y? dont ask.
it was "breaking" time one day like that and couldn't wait to hit the swings, seesaw(jangulover). the normal things a 5 year old would do.
as i was flying out my teacher grabed me by the arm and said "no break for you today. you dont know maths n english"
ha! ha! no relaxation time? what a bomber.
ok. went back to my little desk and that was the begining of no breaks. or should i say end of my "breaking" time. i was feed and stuffed with english n maths practices.

alas! something good came out of it. something beautiful happened, formed.
i fell madly in love with maths. improved on english (i mean i speak it) but maths became my only passion. nothing else bothered me as long as i could solve and dance with my figures. breaking them down down to the simplest factors and arriving at the answer (QED.)
if only men could be like that.solved and the answer derived just like that.

Primary 6, scored the highest over all. i.e. compared with the 5 other classes. i felt hot.
even won a prize on prize giving day. whoa! little 'ol me. incredible.
why, thank you darling.
all thanks to maths.
u need to have seen my mum. the sun was her face.
i was given a litrary book. ugh! follows me everywhere.
took me till the end of pri sch to achieve that.
as the saying goes "better late than never"
JSS 1, got lost again. but my maths never failed me cuz i never failed it.
Report Card - Maths - A
English - C
Inter Sc. - C
Igbo - F
Social Sc. - C
it was a struggle though cuz alot of red marks (biro) were evident in between.
compared to others my result was poor.
wierd thing was the straight A students use to compete with me for the highest scores in maths.
can u beat that.
then JSS exams came n, my God, i almost fluncked.
i past the necessary subjects sha o!
now that was the eye opener
the wake up call
the wake up and smell the humus.
i have to get my act together if i want to make something of my life. u cant be dull.

i actually started reading. put in more study time.
then the A's started chasing me.
haba haba haba
is this all it takes. i can do more sef.
i started teaching in class n even exams. (i am generous)
half way through sec sch another subject stabbed at me. i hadn't the foggiest idea what it was all
about mate.
macbeth murdering sleep, no milk of kindness in a breast, the mayor of casterbridge n some corn stuff, a telephone conversation, bla bla bla. write with sitations from other chapters or verses to support your argument.
what is this!?

1st term F, 2nd term i dubbed, 3rd term i tried to understand a bit more and actually did get a little of it but still dubbed like crazy anyway.

2nd year with literature n i had it eating out of my hands.
all the metaphores, similes, hyperboles
teacher sef hail me. i was the 2nd best in my class. that was fine by me.

also, i finally conquered english.
i was the best in my class. just for 1 term sha. still i achieved.
this goes to show that hard work, persiverance and a dogged determination not to quit pays your ass a whole lot.
ok, now
time to doggedly improve on my writing and presentation skills
when i surmount i'll def. info. you and brag about it.
i guess i did have something to say.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Mum!

my brother just left the shores of naija for the states
going to spend a few weeks with my cousins
good things come to those who wait.

for some people it's like "yeah, we go every summer"
but not for all.
we all dont come from families that can do that every summer or xmas or whenever
so, when it does happen it is a big deal

my mum took it as one of those things that only God can do

it was rough, very rough for her bringing us up all alone for 25 years.
i call her "SUPER MUM" cuz she is one of the strongest people i know
it's hard not to what to follows her ways n worship her God
He has been there for her and for her her children from ages past.

i remember back in Uni when a new semester, month end or the begining of a new month arrives and cash for all kinds of things will be needed. like rent for my sister off campus, transportation, feeding, clothing, deck etc.
multiply that by 3. books, school fees, registeration, some stupid hungry lecturer.u know the rest.
she never hesitated to give when asked. if only unnecessary.
we would gather round her and collect our own "salary" from her salary. share the whole damn thing then return to our various institutions.

it was difficult for me to shaft her.
school fees- i never inflated
project time - tried not to ask for outragous sums that was the norm then
tried to control my expenses as much as possible.
i was not stingy though. she made sure u had enough to live above comfy

there are lots more i want to say about Super Mum. if i do it'l turn into a book of some sort.

thanks for EVERYTHING.
even letting your kids go far to find their destinies away from home and you

we luv u momma

luving you is like food to my soul
boys II men

Friday, 15 February 2008

Vals Day

i had a mixed vals day.
thought i wasn't getting nothin'
but then...

i got a cake, chocs, cookies and a card delivered to my office
gosh, i blushed through out the day
i felt real special, cared for and appreciated.
it's not just the gifts but the genuine feelings from the sender

it' s good to be loved and to love in return.

my words where simple

"someone whose as nice as you
can have my heart and keep it too!"

that's aw i like it. simple.

then i had to bus home n the traffic was murder
smoke fumes, heat, body odor and you know the rest.

but that still didn't wipe the grin off my face and the twinkle in my eyes.

thanks babes.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Adult Children (Guy)

My ladies in the house.
It is a well known fact that guys can act pretty immature a lot of the time.
I met this dude a while ago. Blindly. As in, we met via "Technology".

So we decided to hook up. find out if the other is really what he says he looks like.Not bad i must confess. The GUY na DUDE. i mean ladies think he's HOT. Facially, yep! But since then and till now not sure or remotely close to understanding his ways. Internally. I mean we gist. Grate convo, flow and laughs.

we decide to hookup again on a date date. i was like fine let it be on a Friday cuz he wanted Thursday. I mean in this country and, in Lag for that matter, Thursdays are not days you hang like that like that. TRAFFIC and the much NEEDED SLEEEPPP!

We agree on Friday for me to go over to him. Not a problem for me.So we chatted through the day (that's when the internet was not having spasms)For a while he goes quiet and I’m like "what's up?"I then send a message saying i'm on my way and i get to reply.I get on the road and my GGGOOOSSSHHH! TRAFFIC!All the way from the bleeding island to the 3rd mainland bridge and all the way further.I spent like 3 hours in that and not a call from DUDE.

So, i fashi. being hot, uncomfortable and not at all in the right frame of appearance to meet a guy, i went over to a girlfriends place cuz i would not have been able to make it home.
No call.

I slept off till the next day.
Still no call.

still no call



Wednesday I talked to a friend about it and she says "maybe something happened to him. Call to make sure." "Ok" i said. i call him up and convo goes;

Me: hi, dude, it's me.
Dude: hi, aw are u?
Me: fine. and you?
Dude: fine.
Me: Are you ok?
Dude: Don’t i sound ok?

Ahhh oti o!!!

Me: What happened on Friday?
Dude: What happened on Friday?
Me: Yes, what happened on Friday?!!
Dude: silence
Me: u in office right?
Dude: yes
Me: ok, take care.
After that still no call back.

The weekend hits and i'm sleeping, dreaming, tossing around in my bed and my phone rings.i thought it was one of my friends who always calls to have "intellectual flirtations" with me.Yep, that is how he termed it.

Alas! It’s Dude. convo goes;
Me: Hello, good morning
Dude: Hi, aw r u?
Me: Fine and u?
Dude: Good good.
Dude: so i guess we don't have anything to say to each other anymore.

(ha, whish one be this one now? me i get plenty things to talk abouti o! )

Me: what? are you for real? i have a lot to say. Plenty! First, i had a flat tyre so i had to take the bus. Didn’t get off duty till past six in the evening. the three hours traffic, fatigue and u didn't call. if something had happened me nko? What do u think happened that Friday?
Dude: you stood me up. That’s what happened.
Me: why would i do that? What would i gain?
Dude: don’t really understand you most of the time
Me: same here guy.
Dude: off to work and then a movie
Me: ok. u rock now. have fun. bye

Don’t know what to draw from that but hey, what can i say? Why didn't he just call to ask what was wrong?Did he feel that he'd be putting himself in a vulnerable position?What is it with men! Well, boys.

I’ve had them as friends, pals, boyfriends and now waiting for the next phase.Y’all know what it is. Even though marriage is not the solution to one’s problems or beginning of enjoyment or whatever chics these days think it is.

That’s gist for another day.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Nail Polishing Dream

The funniest thing happened last night.

I dreamt that someone was polishing one of my finger nails, the thumb to be precise.
You know how you keep your hand and fingers when u just finish polishing your nails. ehen
I was doing that in the dream only for me to wake up around 2am to find my hand and finger in that i-just-finished-polishing-my-nails position.

Things that happen in dreams seem to manifest in the real

Monday, 21 January 2008


Happy Birthday to me! (Stevie Wonder style)
Ooh yeh, i wish me happy birthday
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, very many many happy returns (Evi Edna Ogoli Style)

Yes o! a year older and a year wiser (a common saying but don’t really apply to a lot of people).

Had some friends over, like 20 and not one gift. But I did get a declaration of love.(sigh).
We ate, drank, joked, yapped, faffed around, reminisced about being younger all the yarda yardas.
Two Classmates from school who were up for nomination for psycho of the class, then, were in attendance. So u can imagine. they both think the other party is psychoer. Can’t remember who eventually won the award

Thing is, I don’t feel my age and i definitely don’t look it either. No be just talk my people. I have been mistaken for a secondary school girl. Just this last December. so... hey! What can I say?
There was the time I met a guy on the bus and the conversation went thus;
GUY: “Hello”
ME: “Hi”
GUY: “Pretty girl” (I am like what the f… is this?)
GUY: “are seeking for admission into the university?”
ME: “no”.
GUY: “you must be in year one, which school?”
ME: “I’m through with school”
GUY: “So u must be preparing to go to NYSC camp”
ME: “nooo” (smiling) I am through with that.
GUY: “Then I guess I can safely say welcome to the labour market”
ME: “Dude, I’ve been working for two years now so step off”

I’m not that aggressive. Really.

i'm looking forward to new possibilities and the rest.
Lets see how this my new age and year turn out.

To all the goats (Zodiac sign) - WE SPECIAL!!!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Hubbli Hubbla

I'm chatting with an old friend. HP

I call him friend cuz he is my FRIEND. We tightllyyy cloosssseeeeeee. Really tightly clooossssseeee. not in a sexual way or nothing.

i could call him up for anything and he'd deliver. well... so did i when asked.

We can look for ourselves anywhere no matter the distance.
I luv teasing him. He teases me back. even yaps me nicely.
All this b4 he found a wife.


There is a question people ask. "can guys and girls just be friends?"
What think you?
i think it is possible but difficult. But definitely possible.

As i was saying - b4 my friend found his wife...,

Yes, wife, he was what boyfriends are suppose to be to girlfriends. in terms of support, advice, shoulder to cry on, hang out everywhere and anywhere. to him i was not a girl i was his pal.

i thought the same about him too. Refreshing to have a handsome, strong, caring person around u who no wan enter your pata.

Growing up i was a tom boy to the core. the only girl in the crew. i did it all; played road-side football (4,6,8 man-court), tennis without shoes on, fought Chinese, rolled tyre, scrapped my knees, had fist fights, it. so basically i had pals all around me. i was just one o the boys. had it's disadvantages though cuz growing into a young lady that changes. you start liking boys but they still see you as PAL.

Back from the detour:
Now e dey marry and i don’t think wifey likes me much.

NB: she knows me o! I’d say we were friends once upon a time.

He asked me if she had sent me the wedding details and i said nope.

Thing is he is always talking about me. my name pops up like in almost every sentence he makes. not my fault now is it. aw she go wan kan give me details. (Hmmm! make e no shout my name for middle of climaxing o! my hand no dey o!).

We luv ourselves, but a friend kinda luv and she just caint understand and take it. Can’t loose my friend or sleep cuz of that.

'nyways, i wish them all the best life has to offer as a couple. i hope she gets to see that some day. Me sef go find my perfect match. O! and u too.

He who finds a wife has found a good thing. so also he who finds me don find better thing.

By Gos'd grace my friends will stop singing

"when will you marry? this year, next year, .... jan, feb, march and so on as the song goes.

na byforce? i guess it is.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Beginings

It's a NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Just started a NEW JOB and i am about to add a NEW YEAR to my years.
I sincerely thank the good Lord for everything and a shot at a NEW BEGINING.

It’s always nice when u smell fresh coffee or fresh rain. Like spring. All sunny, bright and colorful. That was how i felt December ending 2007 and January 2 up till January 6 2008 when the holidays ended and the means to a livelihood began.

Y'all Know how it is when you move to a NEW place, meet NEW People and jam NEW cultures and idea. Yes, i mean JAM. Your NEW colleges checking you out to see if u psycho crazy, amiable, a tyrant or if you'll fall flat on your face. But, well, so far so good, it's been fine. Though there is one cleaner's head that i want to burst. Saucy little wench. Pardon my word.

so, i guess that's it folks for my very first attempt at blogging. Hope to keep it up though.