Monday, 21 January 2008


Happy Birthday to me! (Stevie Wonder style)
Ooh yeh, i wish me happy birthday
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, very many many happy returns (Evi Edna Ogoli Style)

Yes o! a year older and a year wiser (a common saying but don’t really apply to a lot of people).

Had some friends over, like 20 and not one gift. But I did get a declaration of love.(sigh).
We ate, drank, joked, yapped, faffed around, reminisced about being younger all the yarda yardas.
Two Classmates from school who were up for nomination for psycho of the class, then, were in attendance. So u can imagine. they both think the other party is psychoer. Can’t remember who eventually won the award

Thing is, I don’t feel my age and i definitely don’t look it either. No be just talk my people. I have been mistaken for a secondary school girl. Just this last December. so... hey! What can I say?
There was the time I met a guy on the bus and the conversation went thus;
GUY: “Hello”
ME: “Hi”
GUY: “Pretty girl” (I am like what the f… is this?)
GUY: “are seeking for admission into the university?”
ME: “no”.
GUY: “you must be in year one, which school?”
ME: “I’m through with school”
GUY: “So u must be preparing to go to NYSC camp”
ME: “nooo” (smiling) I am through with that.
GUY: “Then I guess I can safely say welcome to the labour market”
ME: “Dude, I’ve been working for two years now so step off”

I’m not that aggressive. Really.

i'm looking forward to new possibilities and the rest.
Lets see how this my new age and year turn out.

To all the goats (Zodiac sign) - WE SPECIAL!!!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Hubbli Hubbla

I'm chatting with an old friend. HP

I call him friend cuz he is my FRIEND. We tightllyyy cloosssseeeeeee. Really tightly clooossssseeee. not in a sexual way or nothing.

i could call him up for anything and he'd deliver. well... so did i when asked.

We can look for ourselves anywhere no matter the distance.
I luv teasing him. He teases me back. even yaps me nicely.
All this b4 he found a wife.


There is a question people ask. "can guys and girls just be friends?"
What think you?
i think it is possible but difficult. But definitely possible.

As i was saying - b4 my friend found his wife...,

Yes, wife, he was what boyfriends are suppose to be to girlfriends. in terms of support, advice, shoulder to cry on, hang out everywhere and anywhere. to him i was not a girl i was his pal.

i thought the same about him too. Refreshing to have a handsome, strong, caring person around u who no wan enter your pata.

Growing up i was a tom boy to the core. the only girl in the crew. i did it all; played road-side football (4,6,8 man-court), tennis without shoes on, fought Chinese, rolled tyre, scrapped my knees, had fist fights, it. so basically i had pals all around me. i was just one o the boys. had it's disadvantages though cuz growing into a young lady that changes. you start liking boys but they still see you as PAL.

Back from the detour:
Now e dey marry and i don’t think wifey likes me much.

NB: she knows me o! I’d say we were friends once upon a time.

He asked me if she had sent me the wedding details and i said nope.

Thing is he is always talking about me. my name pops up like in almost every sentence he makes. not my fault now is it. aw she go wan kan give me details. (Hmmm! make e no shout my name for middle of climaxing o! my hand no dey o!).

We luv ourselves, but a friend kinda luv and she just caint understand and take it. Can’t loose my friend or sleep cuz of that.

'nyways, i wish them all the best life has to offer as a couple. i hope she gets to see that some day. Me sef go find my perfect match. O! and u too.

He who finds a wife has found a good thing. so also he who finds me don find better thing.

By Gos'd grace my friends will stop singing

"when will you marry? this year, next year, .... jan, feb, march and so on as the song goes.

na byforce? i guess it is.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Beginings

It's a NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Just started a NEW JOB and i am about to add a NEW YEAR to my years.
I sincerely thank the good Lord for everything and a shot at a NEW BEGINING.

It’s always nice when u smell fresh coffee or fresh rain. Like spring. All sunny, bright and colorful. That was how i felt December ending 2007 and January 2 up till January 6 2008 when the holidays ended and the means to a livelihood began.

Y'all Know how it is when you move to a NEW place, meet NEW People and jam NEW cultures and idea. Yes, i mean JAM. Your NEW colleges checking you out to see if u psycho crazy, amiable, a tyrant or if you'll fall flat on your face. But, well, so far so good, it's been fine. Though there is one cleaner's head that i want to burst. Saucy little wench. Pardon my word.

so, i guess that's it folks for my very first attempt at blogging. Hope to keep it up though.