Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Sex, Finance and communication

Which is more important to you???

How would you arrange these variables in order of importance???

I had a friend in Yaba Tech during my ND days who started dating a guy. good looking guy sha.

How did the relationship start?

It started with sex and ended with sex the very last day she saw him.

That was that.

My cousin is married to a handsome man and they have 2 cute children.

She came to Lagos for an occasion and we got talking about relationships and core stuff.

Finance was on her mind. It is toooooooooo important. You’ve got to pay bills. Don't get me wrong she absolutely loves her hubby to pieces.

Now, we young ones, chics, not so spring chicken sha, and the cocks (pardon moi), seem to have a lot mixed up. The mixture consists more of sex.

Wande Coal asks "what you want to do to me". He also pressed that he would like something legal but all the girls want to do is have sex with him. he tries to resist but he can only be a man.

i don't know about you but this is what i want.

Communication, sex then finance.
i want to be able to talk with my partner about every and anything. The essence of being in a relationship right. Then i would love to have mind blowing sexual intercourse all the time. It’s not like cash should not be there to take care our needs o! even to some luxuries o! But i do know my man would be hard working and have prospects. For sure i would believe in him all the way and give my support 180% (by God's grace).
The others that one must have in a relationship are tolerance, understanding, patience, commitment, Love, respect and above all God.

do leave your comments and arrange in your order of preference.

Friday, 2 May 2008


just got confirmed.
yeepppeeee i guess.
the compensation n salary increase was just 10"freaking"%. i think. ok fine.

well the appraisal interview went really well and now we mark a milestone.
was told i was the best. (Hmmmmmmmm!) i see that as a ploy.
such that they told everyone of us the same thing to spur competition.
hey, no qualms. all na strategy.

now they ask for goals and targets. shit. i hate things like that. this system is new to me. we go do am sha any which way.

saw a pair of eyes i really do like.
what else? what else?

almost had a fight with a dear friend. said i should not pray for her if the only time i remember her is when i remember pregnant people.
she is pregnant. she tells me this.
what a load of croc shit. still love her though she being someworth distant and all.

i send someone who no too send me.
the people you like are the ones who dont send you and vise verser.

if u haven't noticed by now with all typed sey these words aint going nowhere then saddly u nuts. confirmed.

God help us to meet targets