Friday, 22 May 2009

Cruel Joke

So, i practically flew home yesterday to watch the idols grand finale. weaving in and out of traffic like the cops were after me. got home, checked fuel level, put the gen on.

Was enjoying the show. Wow, what a show it was.
Adam was in top form. i mean like mehhhnn... the guy can sing.
His performance with Kiss was off the chain.

Ok, so we get to the part where Ryan announces the winner and as Kris and Adam are holding on to themselves not knowing who'll be the next Idol for 2009. i mean already knew who the winner was but i wanted to experience the crowds reaction. See their looks of surprise and the rest. Just live the moment.
As Ryan was saying "and the next American idol is..." the next thing i saw was "E16 you are not enabled to view this channel or your account has been suspended. please contact the call center for assistance".

WTF! we had paid the subscription. we no owe DSTV na. unbelievable!
i was dumb struck for like 2 mins just steering at the screen. Flipped to other channels, nothing! The red light was on like a traffic sign "STOP". Shit. This can not be happening. we had paid the subscription. we no owe DSTV na. unbelievable.

i call my girl, "J, is your DSTV showing?" she goes "yes, Adam is singing right now".
i could kick someone.
O well, how i go do? i went to the 70s Classic Rock to down my sorrows cuz there was nothing else to do.

This morning someone described me as Risqué.
i find that very strange.
At first i did not know the meaning talk less of understand fully.

Googled it and i got this;

indecent, erotic, ribald, off-color, indelicate, salty, earthy, racy, spicy, suggestive, lewd, sophisticated, adult, naughty, having a double meaning, with a double-entendre, bawdy, improper, coarse, broad, daring, provocative, offensive, salacious, unprintable, not for mixed company, not for Sunday...

Hazardous; risky; esp., fig., verging upon impropriety; dangerously close to, or suggestive of, what is indecent or of doubtful morality; as, a risqué story.

Isn’t that plenty? This definitely could have been milder.
The guy then said it was not so bad. He just meant very interesting.
I have never seen myself in that light. Still don't.


Thursday, 21 May 2009

America has voted

I am so stunned.
I’m like ... what happened?
This can not be happening!
But it has happened!



He should have won!
I felt him all the way. Every time he opened his lipstick covered lips, I’d be waiting not knowing what to expect, spell bound when the words finally come forth.

This was the best season ever as the contestants showed talent, creativity in interpretation and genuine love for music in the way they wowed the audience with their performances.

This expresses my thoughts perfectly.

This doesn’t mean Adam won't be a star. I believe he will be a star.
He is every song-writers' dream. His natural ability to interpret song was unmatched through out the competition.

Rock on Adam, i will definitely buy your CDs. no doubt.

Friday, 15 May 2009


it,s 8:15pm on a Friday night and i am still in the office.
better today than Monday,

my mind is tired.
brain tired.
belly hurts. cramps.
legs hurt.
eyes hurt.
fingers hurt.
the music is helping sha. always does.
still have to get to Banana Island to pick up my friend and she is hungry too.
can't stop at any eatry to buy anythings. time factor.