Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

Who are the people in MY neighbourHOOD???

i ask this everyday and time i get to my area.

you see, i am neighbours with all kinds of people and institutions.

on my street/close, just before you really see my street u see a trailer park, then a mosque and the usual call center stands and food stands and malam (can't do without them malams now can we).

then you get to my street (which is untarred and floods real bad during the raining season) and first thing you see a primary school, then photo shop, then barbing salon, then secondary school, then trado medical hospital then charcola seller, then agege bread bakery, then church and then a water facility. you are almost at my place.

going past my yard you still get to a creche/nursery school then finally a health center.

did i miss anything? don't think so.

everything you need is there.

gosh, i need to leave.

when we just moved there in 2003, it took close to 2 years to get to the end of my street. Other folks would be wondering who are these people? we are never seen on the street except when driving out or strolling out. sure they thought us snobs. well... not really. They just don't motivate me to make any friends at all.

fear con catch me sey these people fit harass me one day o! because so many times they call out and ay all those "hey fine girl" "what's up" or "hello can i know you". i just bone and find my square root.

once a guy followed my sister all the way to the front of the gate and this was at night on her way back from work. she was some worth scared because it was at night. he asked for her number and she gave him her starcomms not the GSM. the way she rang the bell and banged on the gate we thought she was being chased. well... sortta.

so, look around you. who are those around you? can they affect you positively? can they help move you forward?

depends on how u look at sha. you look round at the environment you growing up in and if not satisfied this should help u inspire and aspire to acquire so much more above the level you are presently.

oh, some of una dey Jandy, Yankee, Aberdeen etc, sorry o! my bad. though that should not stop you from owning the world.

beat your chest, flare your nostrils and raise your face to the heaves shouting to the heaven "i can make it, i can do it"."i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
i have to be somebody. make my mama proud and shame my dad's people.

slowly and steadily, the snail got the Ark.

Lord you are more than my eyes can see

Ron kenoly

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Hitting Za Clubz

Wow! It was a bumper weekend for me. From Friday almost all the way to Sunday. If not for the fact that i broke down from aches and pains in areas i did not even know i had, bursting at the seams would not compare.

Clubbing has really changed over the years. The kids are getting younger and the cloths have totally disappeared. It’s almost distasteful. It is distasteful. i mean there was a particular girly, who should still have pigtails who wore, who wore, who wore something like cloths. There is a new rave in clothing were the whole of your back shows. No be halter neck top. From the neck to below the waist band is bare. She then adds insult to injury by putting on a pair of pants that a five year old should wear; the thing could not contain her saggy behind. Everything was hanging out or rather purring out of its container. You could see exactly were the good Lord split her. Not nice. Not nice at all.

Then there was another chicala who had all her tits all over the place. Wiggle here, wiggle there, and wiggle everywhere. Well her escort was "digging" it massively. Obviously he was in boob heaven.

Well, i danced and danced. commot shoe sef. My partner wan fight another guy wey try enter e front. Everybody calm down. Hail Rugeddy Baba. Continue dance. Reach house 5am. commot again 6:30am for wedding. Na God help me sey i no draw and paint masquerade. Wedding went well had some fun. commot from there go Ikeja for Bday party. this one really finished me. The traffic was horrific. Over 2hrs on Ikorodu road. My yams pulled a muscle. My car is manual so u can imagine. It was awful. Got to the party and had to change cloths in the car to blend in. chop, drink, socialize, rest leg, shake body small then commot again to gooooooooo house. This time no traffic.
Got home and swallowed vultarin pain tablets. Yes, it was that bad. Knocked the sugar out of me. At least i slept well.

Sunday, went to church with bus, could not phantom driving again cuz i still hurt all over. got back hit the sack again till 7pm. wow. all i could tell me ma was "the traffic was tooooooo bad. Clutch break clutch break" she understood. I no talk sey na dance start am o.

Bottom line i had fun with my friends. It’s always so cool and fun when clubbing with friends. You just blow up and have more laughs. more memories to add with the hopes of adding new ones.

Hey J, Osin, ID, Tunde, Seun, Tope, Ray and some two dudes like that. Had massive fun. Let’s do it again, soon.