Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Bridal Shower

My friend's getting married this May and as usual, (sing along with me), a bridal shower we must attend.

So, i thought and thought and thought as to what to buy her but the only item that came to mind was lingerie and I was only too sure that that’d be what she’ll be gifted with mostly.

A few weeks ago someone blogged about sex toys and that woke my brain up. I remembered accompanying a friend to a lingerie store and in the course of looking at each and every item they had to offer I stumbled upon some very interesting items.

I saw a silver opaque bottle, thinking it was like some fragrance thingy I picked it up to get a wiff. 0n reading the bottle it turned out to be a sensually wicked fantasy massage oil. Hmmmm! I liked. Going on I saw more interesting item like candy cock rings, nipple lick’ems and jelly willies. Also candy bikinis and bandages. Items nice enough to spice up any wedding night/honeymoon.
Decided to give her the oil cuz I did not want the guy ingesting anything that might affect him in any way.

As I though, tons of underwear but the gift I liked most was a book. I’m sure you’ve all guessed right. Yes “The Kamasutra”.
Applauds to the clever and thoughtful chic. She is definitely invited to my bridal shower. Though my friend is deft and well knowledgable in loving positions.

After the winning and dinning and games and gisting it was all over.
No freaking strippers!
I have never had the experience/pleasure of a live performance. It probably was a good thing cuz of late I’ve had sex on the brain.
I sleeping, I see images.
I wake, I remember.
At work, colleagues talk about sex.
Nothing passes them. . Sex is a hot hot topic it’s hilarious. There is always some pun. Say a word, phrase, sentence or make a sound and they will gladly interpret for you in colorful ways that will leave you blushing. The worst of them all are the married women.
Isn’t there any escape!
I am trying to stay clean here people!
Is there a crime in not having any in a while? But I must admit my stress level has been PRETTY HIGH of late.I guess I just have to count sheep.
annoyingly, our HSE Manager sent out like a bulleting thingy on work stress. and one of the ways of releaving stress is by making love.
He just had throw that in.
Apart from listening to music or singing that sounded like the ticket.

it's not that bad.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

So Far

It’s been a craaaaaaazy few months. i have not had time for myself and so many other things.
During an interview, when you are asked "what are your strengths?" i bet one of the things you said was "i am a self-motivated individual who can work under pressure and have the ability to multitask."
Boy was that put to the test these past months.

I have learnt to over multitask, over cut expenses, over motivate myself and those I supervise. It has not been easy. The crunch is really crunching on my ass in more ways than one. As we Christians say “I am rich.” Abi?

Something has been on my mind for about a week now. But let me ask this question. How would you feel if someone you dated at some time in your life and well, loved passes away?
I don’t think people think about this at all. I mean after he/she breaks your heart your friends tear the person apart all manner of sepe follows the person cuz they are trying to console you and all that.

Just this weekend my sister calls me up informing me her that her ex in Uni past on. He was married with a daughter barely 1 year old. What happened? Leukemia happened. At the age of like 31-32.
I remember him to be a very intelligent guy. A very funky & geeky guy. He loved his technology. He helped us assemble our very first PC. He was cool but it did not work out. I liked him. So now he is gone.
What does it mean?
What if she had married him?
Widowed that early?
Would she have been left alone with a child to look after?
Only God knows the answer.