Thursday, 6 November 2008

Silver Jubilee

Today marks the 25th anniversary of my dad's passing.

How do i feel?
i have so many feelings running through me. Since last year i've been thinking about this day.
25 years no be joke o!
Some people don't live that long.
Some friendships don't last that long.
Heck! Some marriages don't last that long.

From my dad's pictures he was a fine man. No sentiments attached. He was fine. Tall. Jovial. Fun-loving, extroverted. and an Engineer. meaning brilliant. Well maybe a bit naive.

Spoke to my Godmother about a month ago and she gisted me about him. how he use to take care of my mum, buy her stuff, take her out with my sis in tow then yap her small sef cuz she no too get hair for head.
i got hair mind you. Got it from my dad :-)

Basically all those close to him and my mum say he was a good guy. i was so happy to hear that. I can't remember anything about him. Thank God he's not like his big bro and sister. i leave them to God.

i SO SO wish i knew him. I’m sure we'd have been pals.
My sister and i use to argue that we looked like him more than the other and not my mum. i guess i ended up looking like my mum.My bro is the one with all the fine features. he got the height 6.2, long-straight-no-yams-legs, good skin. Flat belly. drat! I’m jealous!

i thank God we were able to still stay together and love each other. we are a strong family. mum REALLY tried cuz to be both a mother and FATHER figure to her children was tough.

i wish i had danced with him. wish i could dance with him. Luther Vandross captured it well.

heres to you daddy. (kinda feels strange saying it).

Thanks for watching over us. hope u in heaven.

God bless us, everyone.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Swearing-in party for our son, B. Obama at out family house in Washington

Aso Oke+Ankara = N6,500
Fila only = N2,500

S. Obama for the family

Monday, 3 November 2008


i have found a new love...
wait for it...

Denny Crane. Denny Crane.
Now that's a man after my heart.
i love his sense of humour.
The guy is Wako. But… brutally honest.
i mean he told a Judge that he was a moron! to his face! in open court!
Now that can only happen on TV. In America.
he leaves me in STITCHES.
my mum wonders what's so funny.
Actually started watching it sometime last year but got distracted. glad i no finish am

Then there is Alan Shore.
birds of the same feather. they get along real good and have very intellectual convos. deep.
can't wait to get home.
at least 2 episodes before i hit the sac.

kinda suffereing from amnesia these day. started during my illness this past weeks.
i get nervos when it's sleeping time. cant close my eyes and breath properly. need to tire myself out.
i nod off about 11:30pm and i'm coming through b4 2-3am then i'm up b4 5am again.
when it gets to that time of the morning i'm glad. very glad.
don't want to get hooked on any drugs cuz last week i was on Ibuprofen, Vultarin, Piritin and then valium.

totally hate Project Fame. it's a downer for me big time.

time to go home now. face the traffic. good thing i got company.