Saturday, 12 April 2008

Strange Helper

learnt another valuable lesson today Saturday 12th April, 2008

well i have always kinda known this before.

today on my way to work at about 7:45am, i had just decended from the tincan island bridge when the car dies. yes! quench. the car quenched right in the middle of the highway and "born to be wild" on the radio.

so i navigate to the right of the road to park properly and check out the situation. i turn the key and nothing. even the light on the dash board dont come on.

i think to myself "must be the battery" cuz super mum used the battery the day before to power her motor "the car".

i take out the plier open the bunet and i start hitting the battery and smiling to myself,"yea, u think u can do me?" but pple, it was not the battery.

then outta nowhere, two fellas come towards me. they look like road side touts. my heart cut small but i regained my composure. make them no know sey i shake.

they asked what happened n i told them. they had a look n i was looking at them cuz they could have played a fast one on me by disconnecting something or worse.

they helped me push the car further off the road for safety sake n i settled them with N200.00. one said it was not enough n i showed them by bag. truth is that i did not even have up to N600.00 on me cuz i had just bought my "humble" N1k fuel. na borrow i even borrow the money from super mum.

i'm standing by the side of the road waiting for the mechanic called to deal with the emergency and we start gisting. myself and the agbero looking guy. his name is abe by the way.

we talked n talked. best convo i've had in a long long time i tell you.

we talked about being strong and resilient. toughning up when u have to. sucking it in when it hurts so bad.

i felt safe, comfy and it gave a chance to observe and draw a conclusion.

those you expect to help hardly or never do come through and then those that u list expect do come through remarkably.

i just thank God for putting me there at that time cuz it could have been worse. extortion, vandalization and the likes.

Monday, 7 April 2008


there is something i do everytime i stand in front of the mirror in my room.

i dance.

i shake my booty, i shake my booty.
with no cloths on. now that feels soooo good.

for me it's a means of release.
in front of a mirror doing your thing, for your mind you go be one "hot stepper, murder". hotter than Beyonce.
to you you've got all the moves right and feel as sexy as hell. u could even create one that'll put shakira's moves in the dark ages.

then i start to reminisce about back in the days when i could dance for over 5 hours and still ace my test and exam.

in school we'd attend pre-exam raves, mid-exam raves and post-exam raves.
thank God sey i graduate at the right time. if not na there yawa for blow.

i like clubbing, hanging with my crew in the crowd. parties were major blasts. anywhere anytime.
can't remember the last time i "rocked". wonder if i can still do that.

as i was jiggling my all in fornt of my ever faithful and present fan, "mirror dearest", on 3 inch heals, the kind muscle pull wey hold me ehn, shame catch me.
my waist nko? only it can tell the story.

i guess i'm outta shape. i need to get out more. there was a time i'd be invited to a party because i knew had to do all the steps. i'd even get hailed sef. crowd chantting "go girl, go girl" and that'll just spur you on. think about that now makes me feel a littl' bi' embarrassed.

yes! i remember another one.
when in junior class, JSS 3 to be exact, i was the quiet type but rolled with some pretty "happening people". it was the time of shaka demus and plier "tease me"," murder she wrote" and the rest. you could drum out the beat on the desk. girls were in fornt of the class showing what they got with the dance step. i dont know what moved me. i got up in fornt and gave it to them. everything aspect of the dance all the was to the floor. flexing and shit.
i'd totally forgotten it all that until one day in SS3 form nowhere BAM! the memory hit me. nothing triggered it it just hit me. i felt embarrassed but in a funny way. i just kept giggling to myself.

well that was then. this is now and i can still rock a party any day mate.
come test me now.

that's that on that.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I'm bored outta my mind
i hate it when i get like this. All kinds of things start swimming in my head. unfair i tell you. unfair!

i'm faced with a decision.
to marry or not to marry?
do i luv him enough to go through with it?
is church really my exuse or is it just a pretext?
or do i want to luv another and dont want to acknowledge it.
he says he luvs me.
gosh gosh gosh.

truth is i feel smthing is holding me back. what it is i dont know.
we've been together for ...(counting fingers...)
yes! April will make it 6 months and i still feel strongly that i do not know him enough.
but he luvs me. isn't that want counts?
my eyes are still wondering.

my friends want me married off. guys who liked-luved me. is it to get the guilt of their chests or to make themselves feel better?
they should leave me jo/.

what'll it be? damn! i dont fcuking know for the life of me.

he says he luvs me. does not see me as his girlfriend but as his wife.
wooooww! major.

why cant i just bloody commit. what is this shit anyways.
(fingers going through hair)
now (hands going over face)
i feel frust.

husband scarce. true luv even scarcer.

i have always wanted to be with someone who i will be sooooo truely maddly deeply crazy about too.
i feel very cool. calm.
i need to focus on him.
hard dont know why.
me think me will go to the beach n do some major thinking. hope i dont sleep off sha o.

i need to make a choice. time is running out.

time is running out...
time is running out...
time is running out...
time is running out...
my fingers are just doing that. it's not my fault.

time to hit the BRT.