Wednesday, 27 February 2008

i was meant to have posted this yesterday but the internet was down and the day was plain crazy.

yesterday was "Super Mum's" brithday.
we wouldn't ever ask for anyone else to be our mum
your strength and belief in God is outstanding
your love for your children leaves people in awe

may the Lord grant you many more years in His mercy and grace
for you to see see your children prosper
for it is said the those who sowed in tears shall reap with joy

words are not enough to express how we feel but please accept these few word from the bottom of our hearts.

thank you for everything.
we love you now and always.

na we we, your pikins
i, on behalf of the pikins

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Nothing to say

i have a lot to say but dont know how...
it's all in my head but blocked out by some shhh.. i'm not sure of.
maybe i just cant put words together to save my soul

we were given a project in the office. a write up to be given as a presentation.
i knew even before i started that it'll suck and be the worst of 'em all.
but ey, i was told i had other impressive and strong skills in IT.
ok, so, now, aw do i improve on my writing and presentation skills and the whole capture-attention-and-deliver-the-core message thingy?

dont know right now.
in the past it was easy but here u got to up your in blow it up.


in primary 1 i hated english language n mathematics.
i remeber this so well. Y? dont ask.
it was "breaking" time one day like that and couldn't wait to hit the swings, seesaw(jangulover). the normal things a 5 year old would do.
as i was flying out my teacher grabed me by the arm and said "no break for you today. you dont know maths n english"
ha! ha! no relaxation time? what a bomber.
ok. went back to my little desk and that was the begining of no breaks. or should i say end of my "breaking" time. i was feed and stuffed with english n maths practices.

alas! something good came out of it. something beautiful happened, formed.
i fell madly in love with maths. improved on english (i mean i speak it) but maths became my only passion. nothing else bothered me as long as i could solve and dance with my figures. breaking them down down to the simplest factors and arriving at the answer (QED.)
if only men could be like that.solved and the answer derived just like that.

Primary 6, scored the highest over all. i.e. compared with the 5 other classes. i felt hot.
even won a prize on prize giving day. whoa! little 'ol me. incredible.
why, thank you darling.
all thanks to maths.
u need to have seen my mum. the sun was her face.
i was given a litrary book. ugh! follows me everywhere.
took me till the end of pri sch to achieve that.
as the saying goes "better late than never"
JSS 1, got lost again. but my maths never failed me cuz i never failed it.
Report Card - Maths - A
English - C
Inter Sc. - C
Igbo - F
Social Sc. - C
it was a struggle though cuz alot of red marks (biro) were evident in between.
compared to others my result was poor.
wierd thing was the straight A students use to compete with me for the highest scores in maths.
can u beat that.
then JSS exams came n, my God, i almost fluncked.
i past the necessary subjects sha o!
now that was the eye opener
the wake up call
the wake up and smell the humus.
i have to get my act together if i want to make something of my life. u cant be dull.

i actually started reading. put in more study time.
then the A's started chasing me.
haba haba haba
is this all it takes. i can do more sef.
i started teaching in class n even exams. (i am generous)
half way through sec sch another subject stabbed at me. i hadn't the foggiest idea what it was all
about mate.
macbeth murdering sleep, no milk of kindness in a breast, the mayor of casterbridge n some corn stuff, a telephone conversation, bla bla bla. write with sitations from other chapters or verses to support your argument.
what is this!?

1st term F, 2nd term i dubbed, 3rd term i tried to understand a bit more and actually did get a little of it but still dubbed like crazy anyway.

2nd year with literature n i had it eating out of my hands.
all the metaphores, similes, hyperboles
teacher sef hail me. i was the 2nd best in my class. that was fine by me.

also, i finally conquered english.
i was the best in my class. just for 1 term sha. still i achieved.
this goes to show that hard work, persiverance and a dogged determination not to quit pays your ass a whole lot.
ok, now
time to doggedly improve on my writing and presentation skills
when i surmount i'll def. info. you and brag about it.
i guess i did have something to say.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Mum!

my brother just left the shores of naija for the states
going to spend a few weeks with my cousins
good things come to those who wait.

for some people it's like "yeah, we go every summer"
but not for all.
we all dont come from families that can do that every summer or xmas or whenever
so, when it does happen it is a big deal

my mum took it as one of those things that only God can do

it was rough, very rough for her bringing us up all alone for 25 years.
i call her "SUPER MUM" cuz she is one of the strongest people i know
it's hard not to what to follows her ways n worship her God
He has been there for her and for her her children from ages past.

i remember back in Uni when a new semester, month end or the begining of a new month arrives and cash for all kinds of things will be needed. like rent for my sister off campus, transportation, feeding, clothing, deck etc.
multiply that by 3. books, school fees, registeration, some stupid hungry lecturer.u know the rest.
she never hesitated to give when asked. if only unnecessary.
we would gather round her and collect our own "salary" from her salary. share the whole damn thing then return to our various institutions.

it was difficult for me to shaft her.
school fees- i never inflated
project time - tried not to ask for outragous sums that was the norm then
tried to control my expenses as much as possible.
i was not stingy though. she made sure u had enough to live above comfy

there are lots more i want to say about Super Mum. if i do it'l turn into a book of some sort.

thanks for EVERYTHING.
even letting your kids go far to find their destinies away from home and you

we luv u momma

luving you is like food to my soul
boys II men

Friday, 15 February 2008

Vals Day

i had a mixed vals day.
thought i wasn't getting nothin'
but then...

i got a cake, chocs, cookies and a card delivered to my office
gosh, i blushed through out the day
i felt real special, cared for and appreciated.
it's not just the gifts but the genuine feelings from the sender

it' s good to be loved and to love in return.

my words where simple

"someone whose as nice as you
can have my heart and keep it too!"

that's aw i like it. simple.

then i had to bus home n the traffic was murder
smoke fumes, heat, body odor and you know the rest.

but that still didn't wipe the grin off my face and the twinkle in my eyes.

thanks babes.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Adult Children (Guy)

My ladies in the house.
It is a well known fact that guys can act pretty immature a lot of the time.
I met this dude a while ago. Blindly. As in, we met via "Technology".

So we decided to hook up. find out if the other is really what he says he looks like.Not bad i must confess. The GUY na DUDE. i mean ladies think he's HOT. Facially, yep! But since then and till now not sure or remotely close to understanding his ways. Internally. I mean we gist. Grate convo, flow and laughs.

we decide to hookup again on a date date. i was like fine let it be on a Friday cuz he wanted Thursday. I mean in this country and, in Lag for that matter, Thursdays are not days you hang like that like that. TRAFFIC and the much NEEDED SLEEEPPP!

We agree on Friday for me to go over to him. Not a problem for me.So we chatted through the day (that's when the internet was not having spasms)For a while he goes quiet and I’m like "what's up?"I then send a message saying i'm on my way and i get to reply.I get on the road and my GGGOOOSSSHHH! TRAFFIC!All the way from the bleeding island to the 3rd mainland bridge and all the way further.I spent like 3 hours in that and not a call from DUDE.

So, i fashi. being hot, uncomfortable and not at all in the right frame of appearance to meet a guy, i went over to a girlfriends place cuz i would not have been able to make it home.
No call.

I slept off till the next day.
Still no call.

still no call



Wednesday I talked to a friend about it and she says "maybe something happened to him. Call to make sure." "Ok" i said. i call him up and convo goes;

Me: hi, dude, it's me.
Dude: hi, aw are u?
Me: fine. and you?
Dude: fine.
Me: Are you ok?
Dude: Don’t i sound ok?

Ahhh oti o!!!

Me: What happened on Friday?
Dude: What happened on Friday?
Me: Yes, what happened on Friday?!!
Dude: silence
Me: u in office right?
Dude: yes
Me: ok, take care.
After that still no call back.

The weekend hits and i'm sleeping, dreaming, tossing around in my bed and my phone rings.i thought it was one of my friends who always calls to have "intellectual flirtations" with me.Yep, that is how he termed it.

Alas! It’s Dude. convo goes;
Me: Hello, good morning
Dude: Hi, aw r u?
Me: Fine and u?
Dude: Good good.
Dude: so i guess we don't have anything to say to each other anymore.

(ha, whish one be this one now? me i get plenty things to talk abouti o! )

Me: what? are you for real? i have a lot to say. Plenty! First, i had a flat tyre so i had to take the bus. Didn’t get off duty till past six in the evening. the three hours traffic, fatigue and u didn't call. if something had happened me nko? What do u think happened that Friday?
Dude: you stood me up. That’s what happened.
Me: why would i do that? What would i gain?
Dude: don’t really understand you most of the time
Me: same here guy.
Dude: off to work and then a movie
Me: ok. u rock now. have fun. bye

Don’t know what to draw from that but hey, what can i say? Why didn't he just call to ask what was wrong?Did he feel that he'd be putting himself in a vulnerable position?What is it with men! Well, boys.

I’ve had them as friends, pals, boyfriends and now waiting for the next phase.Y’all know what it is. Even though marriage is not the solution to one’s problems or beginning of enjoyment or whatever chics these days think it is.

That’s gist for another day.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Nail Polishing Dream

The funniest thing happened last night.

I dreamt that someone was polishing one of my finger nails, the thumb to be precise.
You know how you keep your hand and fingers when u just finish polishing your nails. ehen
I was doing that in the dream only for me to wake up around 2am to find my hand and finger in that i-just-finished-polishing-my-nails position.

Things that happen in dreams seem to manifest in the real