Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bold Faces

Very high fashion.

Do you dare?

The future of our art.
This is my dream, my passion.
The face can be given all kinds of looks but the art of making ugly art look elegant, is a true gift.

Friday, 17 July 2009


is there a word like that?

Thursday was the worst kind of experience i have ever had when it comes to Lagos traffic. i left the office just after 5pm and did not get home until past 10!
at least thank God i was not driving if not i for park for one side of road.
it was horrible.

to make matters worse there was a lady and guy sitting behind me who were just talking and talking and going on and on about people in the office. i think she had a particular biff for a fellow lady worker. kai! she finished the poor woman.

their conversation began right from sitting down till the end of the journey.
yes, journey cuz that was what it was. gosh, i wanted to tell them to just shut up!!!

to make matter worse again they started complaining about some very loud ibo boys who were doing the exact same thing. talking and bitching about everything and everyone.

people. perfect people.

looking for a good tagline for my business and an ad i want to put up in one of these free publications. Just a start there. this business must grow in Jesus name.
it's not just sounding right.
i need to consult. this is fun sha.

i hail and respect people in advert companies. clients coming in screaming "i want something different. something never heard or seen before. e no easy.

this my job don dey tire me no be small. tension everyday. on top what now? the job just sucks this morning big time. time to pray harder. all my efforts in other areas must come to pass in postive flying colours. MUST!

attended a wedding in IB on Saturday. it was nice. but Ibadan don change o! they now have chicken republic. we past 3 on our way in. that is good. aaand listened to Rick Dees on our way out. that was good too. i love me my Rick. lol.

i hear Adam Lambert, my idol, is already recording his first single and it being done with the producers of Lady Gaga's album. i am too sure we will be getting some amazing sounds. the guy CAN sing and they produce fat beats. so... you do the maths. i wish him all the best. i will buy his CD.

i need a change of career. time to live out my dream. my passion. stay tuned for clips of that.

on a last note, i think i'm falling again :-). the battle has begun.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


this is what you get when you rely on meeting people on the internet.