Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?

very good question.

it's my birthday!!!
yeah, i am 28 today and history is being made.
an Afro American is being sworn in as the president of the US of A!
yeah, you all know that but it's ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!!! MAD!!!

my blog birthday was on the 16th.

totally forgot.

so i have 2 birthdays and a HUGE event in history to celebrate in January.

my older sister and younger brother had theirs on the 12th. on the same day!
don't ask me "how come?"

got home a bit late yesterday and found a cake baked by mum waiting for me.
she had a very busy day but still found time to squeeze out to bake me a birthday cake.

now that is love.

this year must be different.
i feel stronger, wiser and more of a go getter today.
almost like my big bro B. Obama ;-)

to all who have already called and sent messages, both home and abroad, thanks for keeping me up alllllllllllllll night!

love you all. na una don dey my back. u've never failed me yet.
this cake represents how i feel right now. musical.
there is small yawa in the office sha and a meeting is to be held by 1pm to discuss the issue.
i am dressed to kill, not in my bday suit, sorry. so, dressed to kill in my new outfit and shoes and looking smashing, my confidence level is at an all time high.
lets pray it stays that way.

Friday, 2 January 2009

The Resoluts

ok, i have reflected, someworth though, the happenings of 2008.

jan 2008 was to begin on a good note.

in December of 2007 i got 2 job offers that left me confussed as to which to pick. well i picked the one with more cash and perks. so off to a new job jan 2. i was then called to resume on 7th instead. i was like more blessings so i flew to Benin to spend time with my boyfriend cuz he could not come home during the chrismas holiday.

it strated out great and then started to behave like a very confussed graph. up then down then up then down. the fights were so annoying. i wished i had not gone. it was just shitty. the making up was coooool but at the end of the day it left me thinking.

well i did think and decided to stick to my man. every relationship's got it's ups and downs. right???

well it ended. maybe i did not make much of an effort. "as he said". watever. all i'd say is trust is very important no matter the size.

that aside.


1. Pray more
2. New job
3. Socialize more
4. Read 1 self improve book every month
5. Save more and spend judicously
6. Be softer. my friends bro calls me a guy. Find love/boyfriend/relationship
7. Eat healthier and drink more water (no more carbs and sweet drinks)
8. Cook more

there are others which are like capital projects. even i'm scared.
but thats the point. right. we should challenge ourselves.

strength Lord. strength