Friday, 26 September 2008

9ja for life

what can be said about this new telecoms network's campaign to win over the hearts and patronage of the Nigerian market?

a lot my people.

let us start from the beginning...

the suspense and intrigue the first billboard created was definitely something to look forward to. green lips. zipped up. hmmmm

then on TV she finally laughs and tell us she can now speak. hmmmm...

now, the TV ad had Banky W (dude, i am capable of plenty) and Kafi doing their thing. we aint never had it this entertaining in a while.

the one over the radio nko? it's a jam on it own. already the lyrics are being sung by everyone around. my colleges 2 year old daughter is jaming to the song. she waits for the part with kafi and tries to the dance. she must look cute doing that.

i tell you clubs and people will soon be partying to the AM and throwing their hand in the ayer.

Visa phone no even try compared to this. publicity no make. it did not capture, talk less of holding, the thoughts of the consumer.

somehow i still think it's a bit too much really. etisalat.
it's a good thing, i'm sure, that they gave the agent the space to do what they do best and to go wild.

i believe the advertising agency is going to be much more interesting now that the game has been stepped up.

congrats to the agency that did pull this revolutionary we can watch TV commercials instead of flipping channels.

ok. publicity is all go go turbo engines. but they must deliver on service. afordable tariff, fantastic network service, freebies once in a while and anything new they can come up with.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Bad Habits

i NEED to drop some bad habits really. meaning people.
pronounced "pee-o-po-le"

they aint doin' nothin' for me.

i'll call it "THE PURGE".
a lot of phone numbers are going to have to create space for more useful phone numbers.
some people are just going to have to gittt... from my life.
to much garbage.

thing is i give people too much of my time for them to give me ish and behave like nishters.
so... see ya!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

In Memory of...

just received news that a classmate in UNI just past away.

i'm seriuosly trying to understand. i do sha...

Ochamps is gone.

we were not close chum chum people but we always had good conversations.

soft spoken guy with a chipped front tooth.

not loud or rascally.

thing is it is when someone dies people tend to remember only the good sides.

expressions like ohhhhhh and aeya and wat a shame and all that are like the first words and sounds from mouths.

it's at times like this that one should remember the mortality of man. me. us. we. them. everyone.
thing is we forget after a week or less.


there was a time in my life that i'd hear someone past on and i'd just be like ok. not the first definately not the last. i was kinda indifferent. then i, meaning my wall, started to break down. little by little.

a family friend died when i was in SS2. he was very kind to my family.
when i was 10 years old or less my mum had a car accident which was near fatal. the car found itself in a bbiiigg gutter and was skidding inside. she had just filled the tank with fuel and sparks were flying everywhere. the car caught fire with super mum still inside. thankfully she got out.

so, super mum looses her baby car, a beautiful honda accord my dad bought her before he left the surface of the earth.

this man had been mi mums friend for some years after she joined the force. he was always there for us. when i was the hopspital on admission after an opertation he would bring ther to see me. after my stay in the hospital he would take me for check up. all the way Igbobi o!
he was the first to explain the 3rd mainland bridge to me. it being the longest bridge and all. took on a ride to show me.

his wife and kids were close to us. my padi's.

he died and it REALLLLLLLYYY hurt. i wept so hard it hurt my insides.
i think i started feeling then.

we all have stories of loved ones lost. memories.

this is to Ochamps whereever you are. you will be missed.

may departed souls rest in peace.